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Advanced threats and the human factor

– Users - your first and last line of defence

Why is the human factor an important internet security risk and why is it so hard to design systems which humans don’t try to work around?

How does IT need to change to ensure its survival in a mutli-channel world

– Facing up to marketing and social challenges

Where are the borders of IT now? Where once IT ruled its users’ systems with a rod of iron, now it’s reasonable to ask “Are they even nearly managed by us?”.

Boating and Bonding

– The Register’s SimpliVity Excitement Lunch

If you’re into fun on the water, great food and hyper-converged IT infrastructure you’ll want to dive into The Register’s SimpliVity Excitement Lunch.

Windows Server 2003 end of support

– Don’t panic, do something secure

What EoS means on day zero? Do something rather than take the Ostrich approach of do nothing and hope.

Manage your internet performance

– Take control of your network traffic

What do we mean by ‘internet performance', what should we be measuring and what are some of the causes of poor performance, - can we really do anything about them?