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CTO's on the board

– A title or influence?

Becoming a CIO, CSO, or CTO might get you a key to the executive washroom, does it mean anyone is actually listening to you?

Flexible IT governance in a changing world

– More services, more choices, more than one way to get it right

There's more than one way to get it right. Assess your service needs, define which services IT will provide, deliver them and budget them, while retaining the appropriate amount of control. Sign up for the webcast now!

Are you managing your suppliers or are they managing you?

– Vendor management at the top

Once, vendor management meant choosing the restaurant. These days a CTO has to deal with outsourcers, software vendors and cloud service providers.

Into the Compute Era

– Your data centre for the next 25 years

What’s the “Compute Era” and why do you need to start thinking about it now?

Manage security in real time

– SIEMs like a good idea

How security information and event management (SIEM) can work, but also shows how SIEM will become an essential feature of your security environment.