Where to start with Virtual workload projects

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The specifics of migrating workloads

Published March 2010

Virtualisation might be something everyone likes to talk about in general terms, but what of the specifics of migrating workloads?

In this On Demand Webcast we do just that. We’ve put Jon Collins from Freeform Dynamics in a room with Brett Johnson, a Microsoft unified comms technical specialist, and Andrew Fryer, a Microsoft evangelist, to run through some real world experiences on virtualised workloads.

Granted, it might lean somewhat towards Microsoft, but most of the discussion is general enough to be broadly applicable. The three of them talk generally about the benefits of virtualizing workloads, for example freeing up resources, reduction of hardware silos and the centralisation of control.

They also get into Virtualisation and databases, and the specific considerations needed when tackling such a project. Equally, virtualisation and collaboration tools where they consider everything from design to data protection.

The half hour broadcast is concluded with some hot tips from the three of them. If you’re getting specific about virtualising your workloads, this should be worth the listening time.

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