Handicapping the Microprocessor Race

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The chip wars rage on

Published April 2010

Dan Olds recently talked to Nathan Brookwood, chief analyst at Insight64, about the current state of the chip wars.

Nathan is one of those analysts who really knows the market and isn’t shy about expressing his opinions. We had a wide-ranging conversation covering the market as it is today, where the major players are looking for growth, and their prospects.

Perhaps the most interesting part of it was his “Things to Watch in 2010 & 2011.” This is where he discussed how RISC processors will fare against Intel’s Nehalem, how AMD will respond, and whether ARM chips have a chance to dominate the tablet form factor. He went into depth on the Intel vs. AMD front, and made a convincing case that competition between the two is going to intensify greatly in the coming years. This contradicts his earlier belief that “there isn’t enough karma in the universe for both Intel and AMD to be doing well at the same time.” According to Nathan, the karma wheel is realigning. We’ve captured this conversation along with some slides from Nathan in the following webcast… take a look, and then weigh in with your own opinions.

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