Windows Azure on your terms

Free hands-on training from The Register

A live hands-on training session on Windows Azure that you can enjoy for free from the comfort of your own chair.

The session introduced and demonstrated how to get started with Windows Azure, giving an overview of its key features – particularly the recently released Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities – and a deep dive into some specifics.

The training session, also includes demonstrating how to use the Windows Azure web portal to create virtual machines running both Linux and Windows, and showing you how to get both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications and servers running in the Windows Azure cloud. As part of this we looked at how to SSH in and install Apache on a Linux server.

We also demonstrate how to configure a virtual network in the cloud and connect it via VPN to your own on-premise network, and how to begin scripting the creation of your cloud computing infrastructure using PowerShell.

The show was hosted by our very own Tim Phillips and he was joined by Matt Bishop from training experts QA training, who did the ‘hands-on’ part of this training session. If you need or want to know how to get stuck into Windows Azure, this could be just the fillip you need.

If you are not already a Windows Azure user, you might find this useful, it’s a free trial that you can hook into in preparation before watching the training session.