Round Table Discussion on Virtualization

The Reg editors, readers and industry experts discuss virtualization

Published November 2007

Virtualization Roundtable Debate

The roundtable was the pinnacle of the days activities. It featured all of the days speakers and was hosted Ashlee Vance, the Reg US editor.

The speakers debate Virtualization technologies and strategies in general, and answer questions from the attendees. There's a few heated arguments amongst the speakers and a lot of tricky questions from the attendees and Ashlee.

All in all it's an interesting debate that really cuts through the hype as everyone tackles the questions that really matter to the end users.

Full Program

You can view the full program by selecting any of the presentations below:

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 1
Opening remarks from Ashlee Vance

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 2
Tony Lock on the findings of The Register's Virtualization Study

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 3
John Gilmartin on Virtualization Management

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 4
Dale Vile on Licensing in a Virtualized World

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 5
Robin Crewe on Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 6
Round Table Discussion hosted by Ashlee Vance

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 7
Closing Remarks by Ashlee Vance

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