The Register's Green Computing Debate

When we at The Register noticed the Green Computing Hype hitting fever pitch, we figured we'd better try and help our readers get to the bottom of it. So, on the 27th of February 2008 we pulled together an online debate, with speakers from all areas of industry to see if there was any substance behind the Green spin machine.

With more than 1,000 readers in attendance, and our typically vocal host Ashlee Vance running the event, it proved to be a fascinating affair.

The presentations and Q&A sessions below should certainly help you understand a little more about the Greening of IT and how it might even save you a few dollars. If nothing else, you'll certainly enjoy some of the debates.

We've provided the presentations in a multitude of formats for your easy digestion - WMV, Flash, PDF or MP3. The former are the more engaging, but for some light reading or audio pleasure on the train, the PDF and MP3 files should provide just the fillip.

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