The state of the x86 server estate

How’s yours progressing?

To an outsider, data centres and server rooms might appear to be relatively slow-moving in their evolution. However, behind those racks of servers and blades things are not as straightforward as they may seem.

Historical changes combine with today’s pressures on cost and power and the increasing demand of user requirements and new applications to keep everything rocketing along. The question is, how is everybody coping with these demands and what are the evolutionary steps they’re taking to keep pace?

That’s the subject of this webcast.

We consider the state of play in the server room, using recent research to understand just what are the forces on the x86 server environment, and how organisations are setting about dealing with these challenges. This includes looking at the following trends, techniques and capabilities.

  • The currency of server environments, and the management challenges that are perceived
  • Drivers for change, where they are coming from and what impact they are having
  • New chipset developments and their enhanced capabilities
  • Investment and modernisation plans, and what hurdles are in the way of modernisation
  • The impact of x86 server virtualisation
  • Management realities in terms of capabilities, and plans for improvement

The bulk of the webcast features the findings of the x86 research we recently undertook with The Register readers, and includes real world anecdotes and scenarios from your peers. We hope that you'll find it, educational and enlightening

Tim Phillips from The Register is hosting the event and he’s be joined by Jon Collins from Freeform Dynamics and Iain Beckingham, a server expert from Intel©.

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