Optimising Business Communications

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There isn’t much more important in business than good old fashioned communications. But there’s the rub. The level of comms in many businesses is just that – old fashioned and fragmented as hell. The ICT industry hasn’t helped much either – not because they lack the next generation of products and services to get us communicating and sharing information in a more joined up manner, but because they’ve been so rubbish at explaining it all to us mere mortals.

So we decided to take matters into our own hands and teamed up with our chums at Freeform Dynamics and some surprisingly un-pushy bods at NEC to get to the bottom of this topic once and for all. And we’re mighty glad we did. We tested you to the limit on this one but the Reg readers came through in style and the experience and advice you shared with us has provided some superb insights into the state of, and best practice around, business communications today.

Now come and see all the best bits in hi-res glory.

We got stuck into, amongst other things:

  • Just why ‘unified comms’ remains an unfufilled promise
  • Enhancing collaboration and decision-making in your business
  • How and where advanced communications can be harnessed to optimise business processes
  • Why it is really is all worth bothering with and how to make comms really work in your business

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