Business Productivity Webcast

An alternative perspective...

The Registers Tim Phillips, Jon Collins of analysts Freeform Dynamics and IBM’s Gary Gomersall take an alternative look at business productivity in this video webcast.

To some the word productivity is a means to squeezing more out of an already overstretched workforce. To others, it’s about providing the tools necessary to cope with the seemingly uncontrollable escalation in the amount of information and communication needed. Both share a common foundation in making the best of things by optimising the way the world works at the moment.

An alternative does exist however, one which involves looking up from the day job, taking note of some of the advances in place in both technology and business practices, and actually challenging the way some things are done. This is not about being either aggressive or defensive, it’s about structuring things, organising things and doing things more intelligently.

Tackling the topic head on and dishing out practical real world advice and answers along the way, the panel of experts tackle:

  • A review of some of the common types of inefficiency found repeatedly in business today
  • A fresh look at business operations
  • Some relevant IT industry developments and a taster of how they can help along the spectrum
  • User empowerment and workforce collaboration in more detail
  • Process optimisation and automation in more detail
  • Practical steps for moving forward
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