The great desktop refresh debate

Discussion based on Reg reader feedback and comment

Join The Register's Tim Phillips, Jon Collins from Freeform Dynamics and Rob Sheppard from Intel to discuss the findings from our 'desktop management' workshop. The three of them visited our central london studios last week for a heated debate about the pros and cons of the move to upgrade the desktop fleet.

The whole discussion is based on the feedback from readers of The Register and the comments that have populated our recent workshop. It makes for a lively discussion.

Between them they cover a raft of subjects, including when to upgrade, the standard cycle times, whether to back out and turn to Linux or whether to bite the bullet crank things up. Crucially, they focus on the notion of assessing your needs accurately and making the right decision at the right time.

It's a 30 minute program, packed with interesting nuggets and challenging debate.

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