Managing Storage

Drivers and Solutions

During this webinar Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics and Victoria Koepnick of BlueArc discuss the many challenges faced by IT professionals as they seek ways to contain the explosive growth of data inside enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

The conversation looks at the visibility that both the growth of data held by organisations and the length of time for which it must be retained have given to an area of IT management that has previously been largely hidden from view. In particular the fact that storage costs are now turning into matters over which the organisation is demanding that some degree of control be exercised.

Whilst talking about data growth the speakers take time to consider the fact that users now routinely expect their data to be available at any time, regardless of how long it has been since any particular file was last accessed. In this light the discussion turns to the notion of using different tiers of storage, each of which has its own performance metrics and cost points and looks at how data can be moved between different storage layers to minimise all facets of cost associated with data storage.

The conversation also touches on the point that if the user cannot tell the difference between when their data is no longer held on tier one storage is there any point telling them?

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