Information Delivery

Business Intelligence for real people

When business intelligence (BI) technology first appeared on the landscape the image - and reality - we got from it was one of ‘big ticket project’ and ‘for the favoured few’.

The idea of putting all your data in one place and running reports on it was fair enough, but for many, especially smaller businesses, the perception of ‘traditional BI’ grew to be one of an expensive way to find out what you did, sometime after you did it.

However, the conversation, and the reality, if not the acronym, have moved on. Today, ‘business intelligence’ makes more sense to more people when we think about delivering information to people doing their jobs, at the right time and in the right format. It’s all about supporting frontline decision-making – as it is happening - by exploiting the information assets in our business.

So what matters in this more accessible and relevant way of thinking about business intelligence?

The keys are accessibility, delivery and consistency. The requirements on IT are to gain a better understanding of different employee roles and their information requirements, so it can use its architecture, security and access management and data management capabilities to full effect.

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