Practicalities of unified comms implementation

Wise words from the implementers

We recently published the first part of our Unified Comms video series. In this second installment, we’re looking at the practicalities of a unified comms implementation.

Our end user guru, Darren Lloyd, from Newport City Homes is once again driving the proceedings and sharing the wisdom he’s gained from his recent, green field, Unified Comms roll-out. He’s joined by Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics, Steve Tassell from Microsoft and Andy Simpkins from Dell.

The Register’s own, illustrious, Tim Phillips is fronting the gig, keeping everyone focused and honest.

Between them they cover a lot of ground on the practicalities of a Unified Comms project roll out, what to expect, how to do it successfully and how to make sure the users actually get the benefits that were identified when the project was being thought about initially.

This includes some detailed discussions around product design criteria, the implementation imperatives, the value of training, and the role of support. And remember, it’s all packed with real world end user experiences thanks to Darren.



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