The challenges of On-Demand IT

Virtualized, outsourced and stuck in a cloud

We recently packed our studio with a raft of experts to talk about how virtualization and the promise of cloud services are challenging the conventional economics, management and delivery of IT.

Hosting the event is The Register’s own Tim Phillips and he's joined by Martin Atherton from Freeform Dynamics and Mark Taylor from Microsoft. The trio consider how factors such as the decoupling of hardware and software driven by virtualisation technology, and emerging financing and payment models are influencing the choices we have to solve business problems and challenging the ways we have approached technology in the past.

The agenda followed something like the below:

  • How to stay competitive in an increasingly fast-moving business environment and maximize efficiencies in uncertain economic times.
  • What the key shifts impacting the ‘business’ of IT are
  • How to advise the business on the best way to exploit them
  • Why the traditional ways of using and measuring IT don’t cut it any more
  • How IT driving the agenda is the only sensible course of action to take

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