An alternative take on collaborative project management

It's all in the mind

We’re all familiar with how projects are usually defined and managed. If you’re lucky, you use a specialist project management application, and perhaps some kind of generic content management system. But let’s be honest, the back of a beer mat and some follow-up emails is the best it gets.

In these two Regcasts, we have invited the guys at Mindjet to fill us in on a different way of going about things. They are pretty unique in the way they have pulled together mind mapping, a technique which is often considered quite niche, with a bit of real time collaboration and a bit of content management to smarten up the whole project management process. August 10th sees them launching the latest version of Mindmanager, which has full Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Project integration.

Sounds useful? You be the judge. The first recoding can be found here, or click below to check out part two.

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