Working smarter, not harder

An alternative to the 25-hour day

So much technology is sold today on the basis that it makes us more productive. The word 'productivity' is bandied about freely by vendors as if it was crystal clear what they were talking about. But what exactly does productivity mean in precise terms beyond the high level principle of getting more from your workforce?

In this latest 1hr, live, Regcast, we dissect the notion of productivity and look at some of the specifics. With reference to a range of common scenarios, we identify the measures and indicators that matter, and how these can be used as a foundation for investment cases.

We also take a look at some of the tactics for driving productivity and how technology developments over past few years can help. So join our panel of experts from Microsoft and Freeform Dynamics for an event in which our own Tim Phillips will make sure none of the hard questions are avoided, to really get under the skin of the 'P' word.

This even is available to view on-demand.

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