Desktop virtualisation: One size doesn’t fit all

Different ways to solve different problems

Desktop virtualisation isn't quite as simple as it once sounded. Today there's a raft of fundamental implementation decisions that need to be made based on varying levels of pay-back - save cash, reduce maintenance, maintain compatability, whatever.

But which one to choose for your target environment?

We've got a few guys who know a few things about virtualisation in our studio. Tony Lock from our chums Freeform Dynamics joins Ian Moulster from Microsoft and El Reg's own effervescent Tim Phillips to discuss the pros and cons of each.

The three of them are taking a deep look at the benefits of all desktop virtualisation methods and trying to ascertain which method fits which environment.

The event is 1hr long, it's free to view and we hope we've built it in such a way as to make sure you're getting value for your time.

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