The realities of SaaS and security

Do they go together?

Whatever your plans for the desktop, whether you’re upgrading to Windows 7, supporting the Mac or iPad, or virtualizing the whole lot, an interesting question is what to do about those office applications.

You could take the evolutionary approach and upgrade the old suites, or you could look to move some or all of it into the cloud. You lose a bunch of complexity on the physical desktop, and collaborative activity, i.e. working on stuff together with your colleagues or mates, also becomes a lot more natural.

In this on-demand webcast our usual host Tim Phillips is joined by Andrew Buss, Service Director with Freeform Dynamics, and Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security for Google Apps to discuss just these strategic decisions.

Between them they're looking at whether SaaS is a safe option for businesses. What happens when the network is not available? Surely they cannot be more secure than your own datacentre, or can they? How can you be sure service providers are not snooping your email, selling your data to the highest bidder, or divulging all your secrets?

If you’ve been thinking about SaaS solutions for your business and still have some outstanding questions, this could be just the fillip.

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