Student Cluster Competition 2011

A Register HPC Webcast

In this HPC Channel webcast, we spend some time talking to Doug Fuller, an Oak Ridge National Lab Computational Scientist. He’s chairing the SC11 Student Cluster Competition, which will take place in Seattle later this year.

We talk about how this competition is really a test of the real-world skills that HPC managers use daily. The students, like HPC managers, have to get the most out of their existing systems while dealing with resource and time constraints. In the SCC, student teams have to architect systems that will provide the highest performance possible but still stay under a 26 amp ceiling. They’ll have only 48 hours to run an HPCC benchmark plus four real-world HPC applications. The team that can accomplish the most work on their system wins.

Doug fills us in on the applications that have been selected for the competition this year. They include molecular dynamics with PFA, cosmology with Gadget, some heavy genome Monte Carlo with MrBayes, and predicting ocean currents with POP – a demanding mix of apps to be sure.



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