Windows 7 roll out - learning from the experts

Seasoned IT pro drops in to offer tips

Windows 7 is an interesting OS in many ways. It's apparently Microsoft's fastest selling OS. But it’s only recently that some of the larger scale roll outs have started. It’s those rev 1 teething problems, combined with the effects of a slump, that have tended to hold things back.

Now however, everyone seems to want a piece – relatively speaking. And with many of you set to cut your teeth on this O/S refresh, we thought we’d pull some experts together in our studio to give you a bit of help. Join today's live spectacular.

On June 2nd we saw Tim Phillips running the show with a little help from our friend Dale Vile from analysts Freeform Dynamics. Will Westwick, head of workplace at BskyB, who recently kicked off a Win 7 migration of some girth at Sky joined the pair. He’s also done some serious OS migrations at some ‘major’ British retailers. So he knows his OS upgrade path like the back of his hand. His partner in crime, Gavin Bell from Computacenter, also got involved in the discussions.

The four of them ran us through:

  • how to move into the deployment phase.
  • explained the drivers behind the deployment schedule.
  • how to hold your hand through the deployment choices
  • pointed out the direction of some migration tools.

Will himself gives a run through in the lessons he’s learned from his OS upgrade projects and some of his top tips for success.

For any of you planning such a move, this should be just the fillip, so tune into this free on demand edition of the webcast here.

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