Fast Forward to Big Data

Make information fit for business

On April 19th The Register’s Jon Collins was your host for our live broadcast ‘Fast Forward to Big Data - Make information fit for business’.

Jon was joined on the couch by Günter Richter from the Information Management Group, Xander Friedländer from Retail Insight, Martha Bennett from Freeform Dynamics and Microsoft’s Anthony Howcroft. Between them they be scoured through a range of topics including:

  • The current diverse data warehouses landscape.
  • Cost-effective ways of addressing data management and practical analytic deployments.
  • New information management possibilities - the combination of commodity hardware and software from open source ecosystems.
  • Does ‘cloud’ have a roll in providing customers with access to new data sources to enrich the information they already hold?
  • Can appliances help to build an effective ‘big data on-ramp’?
  • Can businesses best leverage the investments they’ve already made?
  • How can an IT department exploit these new BI technologies?

If that sounds like your bag, you can find out more and register right here for the free on demand version.

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