Managing IT like a (service) pro

How can corporate IT learn from managed service providers?

On April 17th we had a live broadcast featuring a service management workshop. Organisations are often told that running their IT as a service would be the right thing to do, but how realistic is this and what does this mean in practice?

How exactly do service providers operate, and how do their best practices map onto the realities of corporate IT?

To answer these questions we gathered a team of experts in the studio, including your host from The Reg, Jon Collins, Dr Zafar Chaudry, CIO of the Liverpool NHS Trust, Matt Chinnery from Kaseya and Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics.

Between them, they looked at how the skills and experience of managed service providers can be applied in the context of internal IT. Looking first at the fundamental principles of service provision, we then ask our experts how such practices can be applied by any organisation.

We’ll run through everything from change and problem management, through handling internal politics and developing customer service skills, to the process of deploying a shared service model, the automation required and how to cost justify such a move. With your help, our goal is to offer some real world advice on how to best manage your internal customers using process and policy, technology and automation.

So if you want to know where to start on the journey towards delivery of IT as a service, look no further. The broadcast is live so you can get your questions answered by our panel of experts. If that sounds useful, you can sign up right here.

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