Cloud storage matters

Your hidden weak link?

The storage architecture you will need for a private cloud deployment will probably be very different to what you have today. So what level of performance, and what attributes does it need to have? And how do you migrate from what you have now into what you have next? What will you need to spend, and are the common mistakes that you want to avoid? How much storage do you need and how will you budget for pooled / shared storage in your private cloud?

Making more good decisions, and fewer bad decisions, about your storage architecture is the topic of our Regcast Cloud storage matters . Tim Phillips was joined by Tony Lock, from Freeform Dynamics, Phil Lewis and Phil Hooker from HP, to discuss this. They shared their experience to give practical advice to help you make the right decisions about the potential weak link in your private cloud.

This free event is now available for you to view at your own convenience here .

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