Workload placement in a hybrid world

It's where you put it that counts

Reg research shows that you are going to mix your platforms and deployment models in the future. So, the next question: which apps and workloads run on which platforms? You have never had more choice.

Our next regcast examines how you make those choices. You're constrained by resources, technology and politics, but also by the way you've always done things and the skills you have. But are you making the best choices, and how will your workload placement change in the future? How do you ensure security and availability, while avoiding management problems? How do you make decisions, now and in the future?

David Chalmers of HP and Dave Vile from Freeform Dynamics explained essential characteristics of deployment models that matter, and provide guidance on how to deal with workload placement objectively.

This Regcast is now available on demand here.

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