What's the fuss about flash?

Stop bluffing your way through, and get the facts

Firstly, to be clear, we're talking about flash of the hardware variety, not the software behind those annoying animated ads. This is one of those topics that everyone has heard about, most people have opinions on, but in which myths and misunderstanding are rife.

Our latest Regcast helps with that. We talked through the different forms of flash technology, but also spent some quality time looking at the requirements and scenarios in which you're most likely to be interested in flash as an enterprise or smaller business, particularly when it come to your data centre.

Along the way, we challenged common misconceptions to do with practical issues such as the cost and lifetime of devices, and contrary to popular opinion, we illustrated how high performance flash-based systems are far from an expensive luxury. Deployed in the right place, in the right manner, there are an increasing number of scenarios in which flash can allow new service level demands to be met for substantially lower costs than traditional spinning disk alternatives.

So register here to watch the on demand version where your host Tim Phillips is joined by Phil Hooker and James Hall from HP, plus Freeform Dynamics' 'Dr. Storage Stats' Tony Lock, and get yourself fully up to speed on one of the most important trends in the storage arena.

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