Windows migration without tears

Make everything compatible and minimise disruption

XP to 7, XP to 8, anything to App V: changes in the data centre, the need for security, BYOD and impending upgrades mean that many of you are going through a desktop refresh. The potential for disruption and delay is huge: lost settings, migration of data, incompatible legacy apps all turn what should be a bonus for users into a nightmare for them and you alike.

Here is an on demand Regast, featuring an hour of live demos of how to migrate without tears: Appsense are in the studio, migrating in real time, showing how profiles can follow the user from device to device, and how that makes migration, mobility and security better.

Appsense’s Gary McAllister – was testing their promise that he can “make migration simple”, while you watch, was Microsoft’s Antony Austin and Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics. The Reg’s Tim Phillips was there to put your questions to Gary in an attempt to distract him while he typed.

Watch the on demand event for free and at your inconvenience here.

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