Europe set to move en masse to Cloud HCM

the main drivers for this migration

Published February 2014

Adoption of cloud-based HCM solutions is progressing rapidly among large and mid-sized organisations in Europe. This survey of 100 IT executives working in organisations with 1000+ employees reveals that 56% of those still using legacy on-premise HCM solutions plan to move to a cloud-based solution in the near future (i.e. within the next 12 months).

The migration of these legacy on-premise HCM users needs to be understood in the context of the existing widespread adoption of cloud-based HCM solutions in Europe. Overall, among the entire sample of the IT professionals we surveyed, nearly half have already made the shift to HCM solutions running on private/hybrid clouds or multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. Only 53% of our respondents work for organisations that persist in using legacy on-premise HCM software solutions.

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