Security: knowing what you don't know

And what you can do about it

Some vendors will tell you that security problems are solved by sticking a device on the edge of your network, but you know that 100 per cent security is a fantasy. You will be attacked by both known and unknown threats, and some of those attacks will be successful. Therefore recognising the signs of an attack quickly, and being able to limit the effect on your business when those attacks succeed, is fundamental to your security policy.

Raimund Genes from Trend Micro will be in the studio to describe the nature of threats today and how we should be managing them. He's joined by The Dark Lord: Tony Lock returns to the studio to fill us in on how the Reg audience is coping with the known unknowns of security.

Whether it's a Magic Kitten or the 2nd Bureau of the People's Liberation Army's General Staff Department's 3rd Department who are attacking you, it's how you protect yourself that counts.

This Regcast will help you survive the attack of the known unknowns and you can view it here for free, on demand.

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