Build an open cloud

Saying no to silos

It’s a hybrid world. But proprietary clouds are hard to integrate and less flexible. On the other hand, you’re already using them. To coordinate your internal and external clouds, then migration, administration, data protection, compliance, service levels and support need to be coordinated too.

The answer might lie in the open cloud. But what does that mean in reality? Watch this Regcast, to hear HP’s Peter Mansell, who will explain why HP decided to build CloudSystem around open standards and APIs, and Freeform Dynamics’ Dale Vile, who will explain how you can avoid building yourself into a silo. So if you’re wondering what the fuss is about OpenStack, how to solve the management problem, how to integrate Amazon Web Services into your architecture, or just how to grow cloud capacity in a way you won’t regret, sign up for our free on demand Regcast here. The Reg’s Tim Phillips was there to keep order as usual, and put your questions to the experts.

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