Why and how to choose the right cloud vendor

Gain accessibility, visibility, and control

Published October 2014

Without a doubt, the demand for data storage is exploding dramatically. This is driving up costs, amplifying the risks of data loss or exposure, and complicating plans for disaster recovery. To cope, organizations are turning to cloud-based storage for relief. Traditional backup methods still cannot guarantee 100-percent-successful data recovery. What’s the point of backing up your data if you can’t get it back when you need it? And most organizations now face requirements for compliance and eDiscovery. So gaining accessibility, visibility, and control over your organization’s data across applications, laptops, and desktops is not only important for business continuity, but is also a legal obligation that most companies today must satisfy.

Many are discovering that the sooner cloud-based storage appears in their processes, the greater the benefits they enjoy. They are even finding that they can eliminate their onsite, disk-based backup and archiving in favor of cloud-based data protection.

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