The Register's Virtualization Study Results

Tony Lock on the findings of The Register's Virtualization Study

Published November 2007

Virtualization eSymposium: From the Data Center to the Desktop

The agenda for this e-Symposium was set by the thousands of you who completed our recent Virtualization research.

In this 40 minute keynote presentation, Tony Lock an independent analyst at Freeform Dynamics, delivers the findings of that research and explains the key trends, key issues, motivations and challenges facing the end user - according to the end user.

For those of you looking to build a business case for Virtualization, or if you're just looking for answers to some outstanding questions on Virtualization, this presentation will help guide you through the process.

The keynote is concluded with a Q&A sessions where attendees look to Tony to provide answers to any outstanding questions they might have.

Full Program

You can view the full program by selecting any of the presentations below:

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 1
Opening remarks from Ashlee Vance

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 2
Tony Lock on the findings of The Register's Virtualization Study

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 3
John Gilmartin on Virtualization Management

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 4
Dale Vile on Licensing in a Virtualized World

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 5
Robin Crewe on Desktop Virtualization

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 6
Round Table Discussion hosted by Ashlee Vance

Virtualization eSymposium: Part 7
Closing Remarks by Ashlee Vance

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