Virtualization Management

John Gilmartin on Virtualization Management

Published November 2007

Part 3: Virtualization Management

The agenda for this event was set by the thousands of you who completed our recent Virtualization research. You wanted to know more and we delivered a vigorous debate that cut through the marketing puffery and delivered you the bottom line on Virtualization.

This 40 minute presentation by VMware looks at how users are coping with virtualization generally with a particular focus on when users have myriad web and application servers.

Customers will now find more applications per physical server, which helps consolidation but can lead to serious management issues. This presentation seeks to answer some of those questions and also explain a little about what the Tier 1 vendors have done to help here? Who are the interesting start-ups? Where is the market going and what are the challenges facing the end user.

The presentation is capped with a 15 minute Q&A, fronted by Reg US editor Ashlee Vance, featuring questions from the attendees of the live event.

Full Program

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John Gilmartin on Virtualization Management

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