21st century data protection

Get backup to date

You admit to us that the state of data protection in your company is woeful. But it’s also not a priority to fix it, or so you might think.


1. As storage technology leaps ahead

2. As users expect more

3. As more data is stored on mobile devices or in remote locations

4. Oh yes, and as the European Commission plans fines in the squillions if you don’t secure your data

… you might need to think again.

Andrew Dickerson and Dave Barnes from HP will help you do that rethinking. They will be talking about how you create a new architecture for backup and recovery, how you choose the right technology, how you make a business case for a 21st century data protection strategy - and how you can finally free yourself from manual processes, failed backups, and the nagging suspicion (admit it) that some of your data isn’t protected or backed up at all.

Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics will be in the studio too. He’s got some ripping charts of what you told us about the state of data protection. Tim Phillips will be putting your questions to the panel, so try to catch him out by asking about hard-to-pronounce storage technologies.

If this is the backup webcast you have been waiting for, you can now watch it again, at your own convenience as the on demand version is now available here.

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