Are cybercriminals hiding in your SSL traffic?

Eliminate the blindspots

Published January 2015

SSL encrypted traffic is pervasive in today’s enterprises and is expected to grow rapidly over the next several years. According to Gartner, SSL/TLS traffic now comprises 15-25% of total web traffic. While SSL/TLS provides privacy and authentication, cybercriminals can use SSL to hide their exploits from an organisation’s security controls by hiding attacks, evading detection, and bypassing critical security controls.

Most organisations lack the ability to inspect and decrypt SSL communications to detect these threats. This undermines traditional layered defenses and creates an unacceptable risk of breach and data loss. In the following research, Gartner reports that less than 20% of organizations with NGFW, IPS, or UTM appliances decrypt inbound or outbound SSL traffic.

Gartner believes that by 2017, more that 50% of the network attacks will use encrypted SSL/TLS communications. Read this report and help ensure your organisation can assess and block threats that leverage SSL/TLS.

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