Manage your internet performance

Take control of your network traffic

Business can be won or lost based on your network performance.

If your customers won’t do business online, your mobile strategy doesn't work or your hosted and cloud applications slow to a crawl, bad network performance equals lost revenues. But what do you measure, can you control it, and how do you improve it?

Watch three experts for a special three-part Regcast in which we will give you the information you need to take control of your network traffic, starting today. In less than an hour, you will learn from the specialists in internet performance:

  • How hidden poor performance is hurting your business
  • What you should be measuring, and how to do it
  • How to identify your internet weak links to obtain overnight improvements
  • Why buying more bandwidth is probably a waste of time, and where you should be using that cash instead
  • The tools you can use, and what they tell you
  • Advanced and state-of-the-art techniques for optimal performance

How will we do this? We have:

  • An exclusive video presentation from Freeform Dynamics analyst Dale Vile/Tony Lock, showing how network performance affects business performance for Reg readers, so you can identify the problems that should be on your agenda.
  • In the studio, internet performance management expert from Dyn, Paul Heywood and masterubergeek Steve Thair from Devopsguys – Paul will be providing a demo of ‘Internet Intelligence’. The demo will show you how to create a successful performance management project: what you should be measuring, how to take control of your network, and the impact of better performance on your life.

If you want a better network, you can’t miss this. Sign up for this free on demand event here.

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