CIOs: What are you forecasting for next year?

Industry not listening? Tell us all about it

We all want to know what the future holds and while we could ask analysts, researchers and marketeers, we’d much rather hear what real world tech leaders are planning.

That’s why on October 21, The Register Roundtable will be asking:

What are real CIOs forecasting for the next year?

Vendors and service providers may have a pretty good idea of what they want to sell in the foreseeable future, and we can expect usual autumn storms of buzzwords and paradigm shifts from September onwards.

But how does that mirror how you’re running your business? If you still need to maintain 30 year old mainframe code to keep your bank ticking over, you’re going to be very wary of handing your platforms over to technicians you never even see.

Redmond may be pushing another handset to desktop operating system, is that really enough reason for you to switch from a single digit version of your operating system.

And while the chattering classes and Auntie are obsessed with “teaching kids to code”, is that likely to make any difference to the talent you need to keep your systems running and growing?

Whatever is driving your strategy and spending in the short-term, we’d like to hear about - particularly if it’s driving in the opposite direction to the industry orthodoxy.

We’ll be meeting at a central London Hotel on October 21 at 3pm. The formal discussion will last 90 minutes, and then we’d like you to join us to continue the conversation informally over fine wine and cocktails. The whole event will be conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

We’ll be keeping the numbers down to no more than 12, but please register your interest below and we'll be in touch to let you know if you've secured a place. If you don’t make the list for this event, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re on the list for future events.

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