Data Loss Prevention & Data Theft Prevention

Let's Talk(Talk) About Security

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has been in the news for many years, but still organisations manage to ‘accidently’ misplace valuable and sensitive data, frequently with highly visible consequences. DLP and its cousin, Data Theft Prevention (DTP), are now matters of concern, not just to you and your colleagues in IT but to the C-Level execs in your organisations. A quick glance at the pages of The Reg, never mind the mainstream daily papers, on any given day is likely to show why...

Data loss and theft are very bad news.

DLP and DTP solutions have been available for years, but clearly many organisations are not yet using them effectively. Is this due to problems with the tools, issues with how they have been used, or just the inappropriate actions of users? While we may all want to lay the blame on users, this can make generating budget approval difficult. So can current high profile concerns around data security/governance and privacy help make a business case, and how can we educate users on the implications of getting DLP wrong while letting them see the value in doing things well?

We take you through the growing maturity of DLP / DTP solutions and, more importantly, will help you get a grip on how to use them without having to spend decades working 24 hours a day or threatening your users.

Join Jon Collins as your host when he grills Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics along with Neil Thacker and Chris Jones of Raytheon|Websense, to work out how to limit the unexpected travelogues of your data and why now is absolutely the time to take action.

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