IT delivery: When DevOps meets hybrid cloud

How to join the dots

Some of the most important developments in the industry at the moment are taking place around DevOps and hybrid-cloud.

But what do these topics have to do with each other?

The answer is that they are both concerned with bringing together historically separate aspects of IT. The solution to joining these ideas together successfully is at the heart of this broadcast.

DevOps is about integrating the whole delivery life-cycle from requirements gathering through development, testing, staging, deployment and ultimately operations. Hybrid-cloud is about creating a more seamless environment for deploying and managing workloads between on-premise and hosted IT, even across different technology architectures and cloud providers. Each is therefore about joining the dots of IT delivery, and in our latest Regcast,we looked at how considering DevOps and hybrid-cloud together, as you formulate your plans and activities, is making increasingly more sense.

The webcast is hosted by Manek Dubash and the panel is completed by:

  • Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics
  • Doug Clark from IBM
  • Daniel Breston from Ranger4

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