Is NoSQL fit for the Enterprise?

What can you do that a traditional RDBMS can’t?

Once upon a time, there was only one mainstream database architecture. Relational databases management systems (RDBMS), which stored information in tables and enabled access via a structured query language, were the only real show in town.

Then came NoSQL-based approaches, offering unprecedented scalability and alternative forms of access, which helped drive whole new ways of storing and querying information making viable a number of new workloads. Today, NoSQL is moving from specific use cases into more generally applicable areas and therefore, broader deployments.

This raises a number of questions. What models are NoSQL approaches most appropriate for? What trade-offs have to be made relative to relational approaches? And what do decision makers need to consider in advance, so they don’t come unstuck down the line?

We considered all these questions on our latest Regcast,which is now available on demand here.

Your host, Jon Collins was joined by a panel of experts, including:

  • David Haikney from Couchbase
  • Ian Merrington from Sky
  • and
  • Dale Vile from Freeform Dynamics

Together they revealed all and got into the details, with real experiences and explained the business challenges they are solving with this technology.

Watch the on demand event here.

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