Road map for the data driven enterprise

Data, data everywhere, and not a drop to….

Data, data everywhere, and not a drop to….

Hang on, haven’t we been talking about data for some time now? Like, decades? The answer is yes, but with a twist. Over recent years data has gone from something ‘out there’, in databases or management systems, to where we are today.

Manufacturing processes and the widest variety of physical objects are being instrumented with sensors; social networks are generating inordinate amounts of information on customer sentiment; every aspect of a company’s operational processes has the opportunity to be captured and logged.

The consequence is that an unprecedented fire hydrant of data is becoming available for any organisation that can understand how to tap it. In the right hands such data streams could lead to massive opportunities, but equally the data volumes bring no shortage of challenges.

So what does the data driven enterprise look like, what roles and skills are required to enable data to become a source of power for the business, and what practical steps need to be undertaken to move the organisation from where it is today? Join us to find out.

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