Is the world (yet) ready for Hybrid Cloud?

Towards a sustainable, manageable and secure hybrid IT environment

The ideas behind hybrid cloud have been in discussion ever since somebody suggested all IT was eventually going to move to the cloud.

While organisations are now content/reconciled with the idea that their IT infrastructures will be hybrid, what’s also clear is that the ideal hybrid cloud set-up does not simply appear overnight. Indeed, if any such thing as ‘the ideal hybrid cloud setup’ exists.

Different types and sizes of organisation have different requirements, and therefore require different models for IT infrastructure. They are also on different points on their journey towards a sustainable, manageable and indeed, secure hybrid IT environment.

In this webinar we ask our panelists - Marcus Thompson of HPE, Vivek Warrier of Microsoft and Tony Lock of Freeform Dynamics - to consider the ‘State of the Hybrid Cloud Nation’. The central question is, if hybrid is the answer, how well are organisations achieving it and what challenges are preventing them from progressing further?

We also consider the options - can enterprises make real such concepts as ‘hyper-convergence’ or software-defined infrastructure, and what practical steps exist today for organisations large and small?

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