What’s database replication got to do with digital business?

New imperatives, new use cases, new opportunities

Database replication solutions have been around since the 90’s, and many architects and DBA’s are familiar with the what can be achieved in areas such as offload reporting, rapid failover and various migration scenarios. So why revisit what might arguably be regarded as commodity capability? Well a lot has changed over the past few years. The technology itself has moved on, particularly if you look beyond the ‘standard’ capability embedded in mainstream RDBMSs. Meanwhile, the demands of digital business have thrown up new scenarios in which modern replication tools and techniques are extremely relevant, maybe even critical. Want to know more? Then tune in to this Audiocast in which we talk though the role database replication plays in relation to:

  • Reducing the latency of digital engagement applications to optimize the customer experience
  • Meeting service level expectations of third party developers in relation to published APIs
  • Enhancing data security and integrity in the face of more sophisticated threats and APTs
  • Maintaining service availability when users and stakeholders have zero tolerance of downtime
  • Deploying In-flight data transformations to keep pace with fast moving DevOps environments

And rest assured that this is a very practical session – unlike all the theoretical discussions we hear around digital, we get specific!

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