How to Survive a Major Email Migration

Your job and your sanity needn't be on the line

Significant email and collaboration migrations are not something you do that often. In fact the team who got you to where you are now - that ageing Exchange, Domino or GroupWise server - may no longer be around to tell the tale.

If you are looking forward to the prospect of moving hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of mailboxes to a modern Microsoft infrastructure, then our latest Regcast is for you. You might also be interested if you're trying to figure out how to approach a move to Office 365, how to consolidate multiple Exchange or AD environments while avoiding user chaos, or how best to get all of those Lotus Notes databases across to SharePoint without losing any information.

During the event Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and Arfan Sharif, a systems consultant from Dell, will be walking through how plan and execute the kind of big migration projects that can so easily make grown men cry. Along the way we'll be looking at tools and techniques for ensuring the exercise goes as smoothly as possible, with minimal hassle for IT and zero impact on end users.

There aren't many Regcasts that can be legitimately be billed as savers of jobs and sanity, but this one could just be the exception....

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