Composable IT - is a single technology platform even possible?

Hyper-converged and containers and in-memory computing and bare metal all on a single platform?

Hyper-converged and containers and in-memory computing and bare metal ... all this new technology, so many capabilities, so many options it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees.

Not to mention that none of it can exist in isolation from the wealth of legacy infrastructure that organisations have assembled over the past few decades, each server and blade jostling for space in the data centre

But could it all be run on a single platform? Is that even possible?

The answer could lie in the ability to treat a diverse range of infrastructure elements as a single, ‘composable’ technology platform that can be managed and served out from a central point. The composable vision may be compelling, delivering on the kinds of expectations organisations are coming to see as the norm for cloud services. But it's not without its challenges, in terms of management and governance processes, security and audit.

Our host, Jon Collins, will be joined by Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics, and Tim Jeffcoat from HPE to explore just this theme. Together, they'll peel back the virtual layers of composable IT, review its potential, and consider whether the approach is viable in the enterprise today. If you join them, you can expect to get answers to any pressing questions and some actionable take-aways that will help you understand Composable IT and its potential further.

Please do join us.

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