The State of Malware

Holding the Enterprise to Ransom

In thios webcast we're diving deep into the prevalent Malware threats of today and exploring the ways of avoiding, containing and neutralising them.

Join our host Jon Collins, analyst Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics and security expert James Lyne from Sophos.

The three of them explore how smart and complex the latest attack vectors are, how they work in technical terms and the effects they are having on organisations across the board.

Using examples such as Ransomware — increasingly high-quality but deeply malicious software that has left many businesses unable to access their systems and data — they will ask, what impact can they have? And, most importantly, what can you and the business do about it?

The answer may be simpler than you think, but requires the whole organisation to get behind a comprehensive, zero tolerance security strategy.

The broadcast will be packed full of practical help and advice and the team are primed and ready to answer any questions you may have.

If that sounds like a worthwhile hour of your time, join us here…

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