Critical security and compliance considerations for hybrid cloud deployments

A report from Custom Research commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Published August 2016

The evolution of cloud infrastructures toward hybrid cloud models is inexorable, driven both by the requirement of greater IT agility and financial pressures. But a major study by 451 Research reveals that organisations are struggling with the twin challenges of security and compliance in the hybrid cloud space. Organisations want to be able to replicate existing security, governance and compliance audit practices in hybrid cloud environments, where at least some of the cloud infrastructure belongs to third parties. Organisations are struggling with practical considerations in this regard, such as ensuring that workloads are moved securely from one environment to another, without having the data maliciously or inadvertently exposed.

To date, these challenges and concerns are not necessarily deal breakers, as organisations continue to move, albeit cautiously, into hybrid cloud environments. But clearly they are doing so with minimal (if any) exposure of truly mission-critical or enterprise data to the hybrid cloud. If the challenges are not addressed, this apprehension will mean that the most important and valuable benefits of hybrid cloud deployments may not be realised.

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