Why you should care about Ransomware

My kingdom for a bitcoin!

Over the past year, a number of companies have been impacted by a Ransomware attack, in which an organisation’s hard drives are encrypted and a financial demand – sometimes per-machine – is requested for the key.

Despite the publicity around these attacks, many organisations remain in blissful ignorance of the financial impact Ransomware can have.

But we’re hoping to fix that with an education-first live broadcast that will see us take a soup-to-nuts view of Ransomware.

What Ransomware is, how it has developed into the major threat we see today and, perhaps most importantly, what are the options for dealing with it - from tools to best practices - all come under the spotlight, so you can decide the best course of action for your own business.

Our host Jon Collins is accompanied by Freeform Dynamics’ analyst Tony Lock, Florian Malecki from Sonicwall and Durgan Cooper of Cetsat on a journey to Ransomware truth and understanding.

So, if you have been wondering whether to take Ransomware seriously and want to know more, tune in now...

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