Beyond Big Data

Making business value the object of the exercise

The world is going digital, we are told, with data available on tap from a smorgasbord of sources. If information is power, businesses are of course looking to gain insights from such data, who wouldn’t be?

But doing so reveals a deeper truth, that to really gain competitive advantage requires the integration of data feeds into business workflows. In layman’s terms, people working for the business will do a better job if they have the information they need, when they need it.

The opportunities this brings are huge. Car manufacturers can access engine management data to enable better vehicle servicing or give parts suppliers advance warning of their needs; pharmaceutical companies can get a feed of anonymised patient information, which they can use to improve the effectiveness of their drugs; retailers can deliver better customer service without compromising on cost. If achieving the data-enabled workflow was so simple however, everyone would have done it already. To help us understand the potential opportunities open to companies of all shapes and sizes, the challenges that go with them and the role of object-based storage platforms in the solution, tune in to the information-rich conversation between HPE’s Phil Lewis, David Harvey of Scality and Freeform Dynamics’ Tony Lock, carefully corralled by our own Jon Collins.

We’ll look at where to start and how to address practicalities from the outset, rather than with the benefit of hindsight.

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