Workplace Transformation

Unleash innovation and lower costs with new technologies and work environments

Published April 2017

It matters where and how people work.

As companies seek new ways to drive competitive advantage, it can be easy to overlook the corporate workplace itself. But success today depends on finding better ways to get things done—right down to the physical and digital environments your employees use.

To better meet the needs of people and teams, office spaces should be designed around different modes of working—individual productivity, face-to-face meetings and group collaboration.

Instead of being assigned to cubicles that constrain contact and communication, employees should be empowered to work fluidly across teams, locations and devices.

The tools you provide should be fully mobile as well, not deskbound. By focusing on individuals and the work they do when designing office space, a workplace transformation can help your business achieve unprecedented levels of employee engagement, productivity and market reach while lowering costs.

This white paper explores the three elements of workplace transformation:

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