Deploy Applications Faster and Save Precious Storage, Space and Time

Principled technologies report

Published June 2017

Choosing a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) typically requires you to make tradeoffs. Persistent desktops are more expensive but offer greater flexibility and a better experience for users. Non‑persistent desktops are economical but provide users with fewer options. Each approach can be appropriate depending on your end users’ needs, and adding VMware App Volumes can help you in either case.

Principled Technologies recently conducted real tests in which they performed hands‑on testing in their datacenter to explore the value of implementing App Volumes. They discovered that using App Volumes in both persistent and non‑persistent Citrix XenDesktop environments let them deploy applications more quickly and required less physical storage space than the same setup without App Volumes.

Download the report to see how App Volumes can save your company money and make life easier for your end users and IT admins.

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